How to Use a Penis Pump from Bathmate - How to Use Hydropump

Our Bathmate penis pumps are improving the sex lives and penile health of men all over the world. Every day, legions of men are using our pumps to get a stronger, healthier penis. Like anything worthwhile, it takes a little bit of work to reach your goals, but the results with a Bathmate will be life-changing.

To get the best out of your Bathmate penis pump, it’s vital that you not only choose the right sized product for you, but also learn the basics of how to use a penis pump. The success of the pump lies with correct and frequent usage.

How to use a Penis Pump from Bathmate

When your penis pump first arrives, you should set aside some personal time to do a trial run. It’s really important you know how to use Bathmate before you begin, so with these instructions, make sure you are relaxed, have plenty of time and have access to a bath or shower.

And be patient – it can take a little practice, so don’t be surprised if you need a few goes on the penis pump while you figure out the technique.

Step 1: Slide the latch into the middle

On top of the pump, you’ll see a latch valve. This will give you three positions to switch it, top, middle and bottom. To close the valve, you move it to the top or bottom position. To open the valve, you choose the middle position. You want the valve to be open at the beginning.

Step 2: Position the comfort pad

Choose your comfort pad and position it on to the vessel, aligning it with the markings. At this point, you can decide whether to track your progress by rotating the vessel in order to see the measuring guide. You have got the option to conceal this, however.

Step 3: Prepare the pump

Once you’re in the bath or shower, fill your pump to the brim with water. Insert your penis into the pump and try not to spill any water. Position the pump fast to your body so it forms a seal. This will create the all-important vacuum in the pump but may take a few attempts. First timers find this the tricky part.

Step 4: Start the pump

Once a tight seal has been achieved, pull the pump towards your body. This will send a jet of water out of the tip

Step 5: Carry on pumping

The pump has a slow release mechanism to protect your penis, so when the pressure decreases, you can re-pump, and create a rhythm. This should carry on for around 15 minutes a day.

Step 6: Remove pump

After the 15 minutes are up, your penis will be engorged, so remove the pump by pressing the valve into the pump. This will release the suction and allow the pump to be removed safely.

Does a Bathmate pump have to be used in the bath?

To get the best from your Bathmate penis pump, we advise all our users to use the pump in the bath or shower. The pump works best in water, but can be used on dry land too. Users should be aware that there are slight differences when used in the bath, compared to in the shower.

How often should you use your penis pump?

To get the best results, we recommend using your pump in the bath for 15 minutes a day. However, a lot of users tend to do the pump sessions around three times a week. While it should work around your lifestyle, you see results quicker if you up the frequency of use.