We all know that exercise is good for the mind, body and soul. When you exercise, your body gets stronger, more agile and healthier. So, when it comes to penile health, why shouldn’t we treat like we treat our biceps, quads and abs?

We are firm believers in the importance of penis exercises. In our years researching and designing revolutionary penis pumps, we always emphasise that any man in need of a bigger penis, stronger erections and more power in bed should look into penis exercises as well as using a penis pump.

Just like you stretch, pull and apply pressure to your muscles during a workout, you should create a similar (but more gentle!) set of exercises for your penis.

Many of our customers who experienced significant growth or managed to combat erectile dysfunction, did so alongside doing penis exercises.

While using a Bathmate penis pump can also act like a workout, we recommend doing the following on your journey to a big, stronger, healthier penis.

One piece of advice about penis exercises – like getting your body into shape, you need to be persistent at the gym. The same goes for getting your penis bigger and stronger. In order to get to your end goal, you need to be constant with these exercises. Some guys do ten-minute penis workouts twice a day, every day. So determination, patience and working it alongside your penis pump are required.

Exercise #1

Grip the head of your penis (the glans) and stretch up for ten seconds. Now do the same, pointing it downwards for another ten seconds. Repeat this but pointing to your right, and then your left. Do this twice a day, five minutes a time.

Exercise #2

Holding the head of your penis again, pull the penis away from you. Use your thumb to press down the base of your shaft and press down with your thumb while holding the head up with your other hand. Do this for ten seconds and repeat, but point to the left and then the right. Repeat this for five minutes once or twice a day.

Exercise #3

Stretch the penis in opposite directions, by pulling the glans gently away from the body and the base towards your body. Do this for ten seconds and repeat for five minutes every day.

Exercise #4

Taking your penis with both hands, press the skin back as far as you can for ten seconds each time. The further you stretch back, the better the results will be. This should be done for five minutes once or twice a day.


We couldn’t cover penis exercises without mentioning jelqing. This procedure comes from the Middle East and involves stroking and squeezing the penis to encourage blood to gather around the head. Starting from the base, move your finger and thumb (which should be forming an ‘ok’ sign) up the shaft but stop before you reach the glans. While jelqing looks like masturbation, it should ideally be carried out when you’re not aroused, but semi-erect but never with a full erection. Each session should last between 5-20 minutes. It is recommended to wrap your penis before and after a jelqing session and use some form of lubrication whilst performing it. Starters should carry out jelqing three times a day, but increase to daily after a few weeks.