Bathmate Rhythm Rings

If you’re looking for a new kind of sexual experience, Bathmate Rhythm Rings are a fun, powerful choice. Combining flexible cock ring designs with a USB-rechargeable, ultra-powerful bullet vibrator, our Rhythm Rings all add another special level to your playtime, whether you’re using alone or with a partner. With three different designs, there’s a Rhythm Ring that really suits you - find out more below!


Made out of totally flexible silicone, our Rhythm Rings are durable and extremely easy-to-use, totally taking away the difficulty and risk of more solid cock ring models. Whichever option you choose, expect a different , but with all of the models including a three-speed, long-lasting vibrator, you can be sure of real satisfaction.

Shiver : Our standard Bathmate Rhythm Ring option, the Shiver’s minimalistic design cuts down on any excess material, letting you experience the full vibrational power of the included bullet vibrator.

Shake : With a specially-textured surface placed on top or below the penis, the Bathmate Shake is an absolutely perfect choice for when you’re with a partner, giving them maximum stimulation for unbeatable orgasms.

Quiver :With the Bathmate Quiver Rhythm Ring’s special lipped section holding the bullet vibrator, the Quiver holds you tighter than other cock ring options, while adding effective stimulation just above or below the base of your penis.

If you’re looking for an even more adventurous kind of vibrating cock ring, head on over to our Bathmate Vibe Rings page for a look at some of the totally unique designs we’ve created for you!