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James (United Kingdom)
Tried the rest, this is the best.

I’ve had a few different pumps in the past, from cheap to expensive, and they’ve been fun and given good results.
But after getting the hydromax, I’m so glad I’d made the choice.
I always thought they seemed all a bit cumbersome and unnecessary in the past, and ridiculed the neck strap... but not any more.

Although I still laugh at the strap, I love the simplicity and ease of use of the pump itself.
No separate hand pumps makes it a delight to take in to the shower and I actually look forward to using it.

I love the results I get from it too.

I was in doubt about ordering the 7 as I’m 7” when erect, but there’s an extra inch for growth so there was no need for me to pay the extra for the 9.

So if you’re considering buying any of the Hydromax range, stop thinking about it and just do it.

Joseph F. (United States)
Love this thing!

Best pump I’ve ever used! Already seeing an increase in girth!!

Samuel D.S. (United States)
Hydromax 7

The product is great! I can feel and visibly see my penis enlarging after a few pumps. My erection last longer as well. Air flow inside the penis opens up the tissues, allowing more blood flow.

My only downside, is that I chose the wrong size. I was hyping my ego, thinking that I was 5.8 erect.

Daniel G. (United States)
Intimidating when I extracted from the packaging!

Honestly, I was initially very intimidated when I removed this big contraption from the double packaging! However, I had personal issues this was encouraged to address, so I was determined to give it a try. I started carefully and slowly until I got accustomed to how it all works. I appreciated that it uses warm water which I know helps to relax every part of your body. I use it in the tub while soaking. I can now say after just a week of use that I LOVE this thing and will maintain its continued use as part of my healthy life routine! I am noticing results already of girth and length and flaccid size hanging and the fibrosis concerns are actually resolving because of the enhanced blood flow throughout my penis! I can’t thank you enough for this truly wonderful product! I am experiencing morning “wood” again! And I am 60!

Warren D. (United States)
Not sure

The first time I tried it, it was uncomfortable. I was going to ship it back but knew I still had 60-day trial. The next time was much much better. It was more comfortable and I was satisfied with the way things were. It's still too early to tell get back with you in about a month.

Justin M.


Upgrade to HydroXtreme
Jeff B. (United States)
After 2 weeks...

After using this a couple of weeks, I've gotten the hang of using it and it works like a champ so far. I'm looking forward to having a few months of steady use with this.

Lennie S. (United States)

As a radical prostatectomy patient, I was thrilled to see my penis come alive again inside the hydro max. I’m still learning to navigate through this as it has only been over a week. Again, I’m still learning & am looking into penis/cock rings to help retain the blood flow within the penis. Fingers crossed!

Accessories Bundle
Kdawg (Canada)
Must buy, Accessories Bundle

The Accessories Bundle should be called the Necessary Bundle. The pads are excellent for the cleaning your Bathmate and the case is useful too. The lube is a nice touch and works well, not irritating at all. The added trimmer is essential as the Bathmate works best if you are shaved. So I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in buying any Bathmate pump to buy the Accessory Bundle, especially if you do not own a trimmer.
Thumbs up.

Hydromax7 Wide Boy
Gregory J. (United States)
too wide

I send it back because it was to wide. I am currently waiting on another one

Upgrade to HydroXtreme
Walid A. (United Kingdom)

Absolutely love my pump seen result within a month and delivery was very fast happy customer

William P. (Canada)

I have just started getting results. Far better than others

William t.
Good exercise

I've used this tool several times. Not sure it will provide any lasting girth or length, but does get the blood flowing. Having a tool that will exercise your junk when other forms of arousal aren't available is a good thing.

Kdawg (Canada)
This really works!

After about 2 weeks of usage, twice daily, I’ve made some gains. Very impressed. Will keep using and see how much bigger I can get.
Excellent device!

Bathmate Trim - Deluxe Grooming Kit
JhgStephen D. (United States)
Any trimmers surface, angled guards are nice tv

Same as hair trimmers accept angled guards

Max Out
Customer (United Kingdom)
Jelking Gurus

I am a Bathmate hydromax xtreme user since 2015. It is really works!!! Now I started using max out jelking Serum for my daily penis enlargement exercise.

J. (United States)

I'm impressed. The handball is awsome.

Replacement Valve Pack
Erik L.v.d. (Netherlands)
Quickly delivered

Nice postbox package and quick delivery

Mr. C. (United States)
Customer Service

Following a recent and disgruntled review, Bathmate worked with me to rectify some issues I was having. I would say that on some scale, Bathmates' Customer Service came through to seal the deal.

JR (Canada)
Cock pump


Jacinto R.
Just keep using

I’ve been using this for almost a week since I started
I can say there is a little bit changes 🥰🥰I feel like my little junior 🍆heavy and puffed hahaha 🤣🤣🤣hopping for a big change in the future 😱😱😱

Jomil S. (United States)
Amazing results so far

Had the Hydromax 7 for about two months and overall I am pleased with my purchase for this product. I really like the “pumped” up feeling the Hydromax provides after even the first use. Orgasms become better and my stamina increased overall. Not only that but I feel my confidence in the bedroom has increased. Highly recommend!

Randy S. (United States)
Very powerful

So far I love it I take days off for rest. Then I repeat

Upgrade to HydroXtreme
Daniel F. (United States)

So much better gains with the pump

Viacheslav P. (Russia)

Anyway I bought bathmate 9 hydromax. If anyone is wondering you should only buy 9 if you are 6.75 or larger. I have been doing some manual exercises prior to buying bathmate but I wanted smt better and more efficient. Been using it for about 2 weeks now and so far its been good. You should not expect any substantial results right away tho. It will take at least a few months to notice a noticable difference. But you also get short term effect and for like 6 or 8 hours after bathmate session you D will definetely be a bit bigger. Esp flacid size. So if you want to have fun with a girl you can use it before date or whatever. The shipping was free and took about two weeks. Not much to complain about. I will give bathmate 9 four stars just because of the price. But overall its a great device for girth/thickness and a bit of lenght.

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