What is a Hydropump?

Penis pumps don’t necessarily have the best reputation, with a lot of people just writing them off as a fantasy. If you’ve done a bit of research, you’ll have seen people claiming ‘if penis enlargement really worked, the inventor would be a billionaire’, ‘pumps seem dangerous to use’, and similar (or just talking about that one scene from Austin Powers).

With complete clinical approval, over 1 million units sold worldwide, and over 72% of customers reporting measurable growth after a month’s use (along with an 85% total satisfaction rate, according to a 2018 study of over 100 customers), we’re getting there.

We’re completely confident in the positive effects of Bathmate penis pumps, so we offer a complete, no-questions asked 60 day returns policy when you buy direct through this site. There’s no tricks here - we don’t send cheques with embarrassing names, we just let you easily claim a full refund if you’re not satisfied. We really don’t think you’ll want to return your Bathmate once you see the results for yourself.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for the real penis growth results delivered by Bathmate. Head over to our Bathmate Videos section to take a look at what happens with just 6 weeks of regular Bathmate usage.

So what makes Bathmate special?

Originally invented in 2006 to help out a friend suffering from erectile dysfunction, Bathmate pumps stand out from the competition in a lot of ways. Like all pumps, Bathmate creates vacuum pressure, forcing blood into the penis to create a powerful erection, basically exercising the penis like any other muscle.

Unlike other penis pumps, however, Bathmate hydropumps don’t use air to create a vacuum - the whole system is water-based. This means that we’re able to create a far more effective, completely equal level of pressure without any risk, while exercising the penis in the most relaxed state possible.

This creates real, unmatched results. As we’ve said, over 72% of users noticed growth after a month’s regular usage. 79% noticed harder erections, and 93% of those experiencing erectile dysfunction noticed at least some improvement for this.

Most important when it comes to sex, however, is confidence. Regardless of size, having confidence in yourself will make a real improvement for your sex life. With Bathmate helping you achieve a real improvement for erection length, girth and hardness, we’re proud to help customers around the world genuinely feel more confident.

We really want to get rid of the stereotypical image of a penis pump user as being seedy, small, and sexually unappealing. It’s not you, and it’s not us. Our Bathmate pumps are all about helping you build up confidence, giving you a penis that you’re more comfortable with - it’s just a different kind of workout.


Other Penis Expansion Options

As the first water-based penis pump, Bathmate delivers unmatched results, being vastly more effective than other choices. Over on our non-surgical penis enlargement page, we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular choices, how they work, and how their results compare to Bathmate. While many techniques do create some kind of result, there’s really nothing that approaches the powerful performance of Bathmate pumps.

Of course, the critics are actually right about a lot of penis expansion techniques - many don’t deliver any real results, or are dangerous to use. Make sure that you buy a reputable, clinically approved product, whether you choose a Bathmate or look into other options - and beware of dangerous knockoffs.

While we can’t speak for other products, we’ve seen a lot of people selling fake Bathmate pumps - and the results of using those products. When you buy through Bathmate Direct, or our Official Hydromax Site, you know you’re getting a genuine Bathmate with real results. We’re always working to protect people by getting rid of fake sites - get in touch if you think you’ve seen one!