How to get harder erections - Improve your erection

One of the most important aspects to sexual satisfaction is the hardness of your erection. When fully erect, both you and your partner will have a better time - all pretty much self-explanatory. However, there’s plenty of people who aren’t quite able to get as hard as they want to.

Whether it’s a case of erectile dysfunction or another matter, not being able to get completely hard can be a major cause of confusion, embarrassment and concern, particularly if it happens when you’re with a partner. The fact is, it can affect anyone - while erectile dysfunction is more common for those over 50, it, and various other conditions preventing you from getting fully hard, can take place at any age.

While it’s a sensitive, and often genuinely emotional topic, it’s important to remember that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, with a lot of potential physical or psychological causes. If you’re affected for a long time, it’s definitely worth talking to your doctor - but there’s some other options for treating the issue.

We first designed our Bathmate Hydropump as a method to treat erectile dysfunction - by using water pressure, the pump pulls blood into the penis, resulting in a hard, long lasting erection. Along with several other benefits (particularly the penis size increase experienced by users), Bathmate pumps are all clinically safe and certified for use.

Unlike other penis pumps, our hydropumps use warm water instead of air, giving users a far more comfortable experience, which helps enhance erectile strength even further.

While our Bathmate hydropumps are definitely the best choice for developing harder erections, there’s quite a few other approaches:

Custom Medication

For many, the immediate answer to improving erection strength is using specially designed medication. Emerging into prominence back in the 90s, and bringing the subject of erectile dysfunction to public prominence, these drugs can be a real bonus for users, delivering long-lasting erections. However, it’s worth being aware of the health risks, with many of the drugs baring a risk of headaches, hearing loss and -in rare cases- heart problems.

Other Herbal Approaches

A lot of people prefer to live a more natural lifestyle, and seek to use more natural remedies to improve their erectile hardness, using plants like ginseng and ginkgo biloba. While these plants can help improve blood flow (a key fact for improving erection quality), there’s generally not a huge amount of evidence to show that they really work to help improve erections.

Lifestyle Changes

Having a healthier body includes having a healthier penis. With erection strength heavily dependent on blood flow, anything that causes a negative impact to this will have a knock-on effect on your erections. Drinking, smoking and not getting enough exercise are three key factors to consider here, each potentially resulting in lessened erection quality. Cutting back in these areas, accordingly, will generally help you achieve better erections.

Mental Relaxation

It’s not just physical circumstances that can affect your ability to maintain a large erection - being overly stressed can have real negative effects for your erection quality, often leading to a vicious cycle. With any given person having a very different set of emotional circumstances, there’s not a huge amount of useful advice we can give here, but knowing that there’s an issue is always an effective starting point for moving forwards. There’s nothing wrong with talking about mental health, especially when it comes to such a personal topic.