How to last longer in bed - Increasing Your Sexual Stamina

Penis size isn’t really the only kind of length that matters when it comes to sex - longer-lasting sex can be a whole lot more pleasurable for everyone. However, for many, low sexual stamina is a real issue, which, like most intimate concerns, can spiral into a more negative outlook, with the idea of being unable to satisfy a partner bringing up feelings of dissatisfaction and rejection.

It really doesn’t have to be this way. While talking about intimate issues can be embarrassing, whether with partners or friends, it’s a powerful way to overcome the psychological side of the problem. In most cases, people suffering from any kind of issue when it comes to sex overemphasise the problem - their partner may not even have noticed that there’s an issue.

Beyond this, there’s genuine, tested ways to improve sexual stamina, regardless of how you’re currently performing. Here’s a few ways to maximise your performance:

Relaxation and Personal Improvement

As with pretty much every intimate issue, low sexual stamina is often connected to your mental state. If you’re feeling worried, stressed or anxious, it’s going to have a negative effect on your sexual performance (which can turn into a full-on vicious cycle). While everyone’s got a different set of circumstances, there’s a few basic tips that can usually help improve your stamina:

And Breathe…

Being able to calm yourself and relax is an effective way to cut back on any issues you’re experiencing when it comes to sex. Different things work better for different people, so whether you’re interested in yoga, meditation, cooking or anything else, it’s really worth finding something that helps relax you.

Focus on your Partner

Sex doesn’t have to be about penetration. If you’re concerned about your lasting power, shifting the focus to include more foreplay and oral sex. This pretty much automatically gives you a way to last longer, while adding an extra level of pleasure for your partner.

Don’t shy away from sex

It’s completely understandable to back away from sex if you’ve been concerned about your recent performance. However, that’s just going to reinforce negative feelings and thoughts. You’ll get more nervous about your performance, which will impact your stamina. Being able to approach sex full-on will help you develop the confidence to perform at your very best.

Other kinds of stamina

In some ways, sexual stamina isn’t necessarily a thing in and of itself - it’s heavily connected to your stamina as a whole. By improving your physical fitness, you’ll improve your sexual stamina, while also building up self-confidence.

Sexual Stamina-Boosting Exercises

Along with the psychological side of sexual stamina comes the physical. There’s some fantastic exercises out there helping you improve your performance in bed in a lot of ways. While you won’t find any bodybuilders talking about it, one of the most important muscles is the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle.

This hammock-shaped muscle runs from the pubic bone to the tailbone, and is essentially your pelvic floor. Its main use is controlling the flow of urine, but it also plays a big part for orgasms and ejaculation, so strengthening via the following exercises can really help improve your stamina.

Penis Kegels

While you may have heard of kegel exercises as a way to strengthen the vagina, they also have a whole lot of applications when it comes to the penis, helping to improve stamina and create more powerful erections.

Essentially, penis kegels involve flexing the flaccid penis - just concentrate on moving it, and you should feel some tension. Once you’re used to the action, flex for a few seconds, repeating 10 times in a row.

Over time, you’ll be able to improve both time and frequency, getting even better results. The exercise is also totally discreet, letting you improve performance at pretty much any time.

Penis Push-Ups

Another exercise targeting the PC muscle, this is definitely less discreet, but also creates real results. When erect, and ideally unclothed, place a small hand towel over your penis, letting it weigh you down a little.

By flexing the PC muscle, bring the towel up, lifting it towards your body. While the low weight of the towel may not seem like much, it’s a solid starting point. After doing regular sets with this, you’ll be able to move onto larger towels (try using damp or wet towels to add extra weight), hugely strengthening your pelvic floor.

Devices to Improve Sexual Stamina

Along with the long-term solutions above, there’s a few great tools out there to help boost your stamina. We should know - we make one of them. Bathmate, the world’s best penis pump, is all about helping with intimate conditions, giving users the ability to gain harder, larger and longer-lasting erections, really helping to maximise bedroom performance.

The Bathmate uses warm water to create a vacuum seal around the penis, getting the blood vessels working at maximum performance, giving you a stronger, longer-lasting erection while increasing size following regular use. By combining Bathmate with the exercises and changes we’ve explored above, you’ll be able to significantly improve your sexual stamina, leaving you feeling more self-confident - and your partner feeling more satisfied.

In a recent study, after just 1 month of use, over 80% of our customers noticed a real improvement for their confidence/ sex life, with Bathmate providing genuine, lasting results. We make sure you don’t have to take our word for it - our 60-day no-questions-asked guarantee means that you get to see the very real changes created by our pumps for yourself.

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