Bathmate Warranty Information

Bathmate pumps are built to last, delivering maximum results for years after purchase. To make sure that you're always getting the absolute best results from your pump, we include a completely free 2-year warranty when you buy through Bathmate Direct, and offer longer-lasting Extended Warranties (including lifetime protection).

Your warranty starts from the day that you receive your pump, and includes complete protection against any manufacturing defects or malfunctions - on this page, you'll find more information about your warranty and how to claim it. 

Bathmate Warranty Details


While your warranty starts from the day you receive your pump, you'll have to register your purchase to claim with the warranty. Registration is easy, and just requires the unique PID printed on every genuine Bathmate pump. We'd recommend registering as soon as you receive your pump - head over to the Bathmate Registration page.

What Your Warranty Covers

Throughout the entire period of your warranty, you and your pump will be completely protected against any malfunctions or manufacturer defects. As part of the service we offer, our team are able to offer assistance on using the pump, and can send out spare parts if you ever experience an issue with your Bathmate (including replacement valves, comfort pads and similar).

When you buy through this official website, you'll be receiving a pump that's been extensively tested in our factory to ensure safe, high-powered performance.

This warranty does not cover intentional or accidental damage to the pump vessel itself (unless a pump has been shipped in a damaged state), and for obvious reasons, is not applicable for counterfeit Bathmate pumps.

Using Your Warranty

If you ever experience any issues with your Bathmate, we'd recommend reading our support pages, and contacting our support team for direct assistance.

If you're registered with our warranty programme, our team will be able to resolve any issues, from advising on technical issues to sending out spare parts in the rare case of a mechanical issue.

Get in touch with our team from Monday to Friday at (note that our team are based in the UK, so you may not get an immediate answer), and we'll help you quickly restore your pump to maximum performance.