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Measuring Gauge


Measuring Gauge

It can be hard to accurately measure your penis, whether you’re sizing yourself up for a Bathmate penis pump or are just curious about your size - rulers and measuring tapes don’t really work for accurately checking dimensions. That’s why we designed the Bathmate Measuring Gauge, a specialised product specifically designed to measure penis length and girth.

More Information about the Measuring Gauge

Our Measuring Gauge is simple to use. To measure your length, just press the gauge lightly into your pubic bone, and measure your penis to the tip. With the gauge wrapping round the penis, you’ll also easily be able to take an accurate measurement of girth. For a more in-depth look, along with diagrams and info on finding the perfect penis pump, head over to our What Size is My Penis page.

The Bathmate Measurement Gauge is designed to be completely safe to use, and gives users sizes in both centimetres and inches for a totally accurate penis size measurement.